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Bart Whitaker Is A Success Strategist That Is Recognized As One Of The Most Sought-After Venue/Event & Expert Witness Professionals In the United States For Over 30 Years

Published on October 22, 2021

As a Success Strategist for Major Public Venues, Organizations, Startups & Reorganization/Projects. Receiving international acclaim for his ability to handle large projects as a Venue Manager for two renowned stadiums, the Superdome & Georgia Dome.

Here is a list of some of Bart Whitaker’s accomplishments in Major Sporting Events & Corporations across the world, including:

  • The NFL (Superbowl’s XX &XXXIV), the New Orleans Saints, and the Atlanta Falcons
  • Assisting in the startups for the Carolina Panthers/Cleveland Browns of the NFL
  • The Startup of the Georgia Dome
  • The Renovation and Reorganization of the Bayfront Center and Mahaffey Theater
  • Startup of the Chamblee Business Association
  • SMG (Olympic Operations/Marketing Plan)
  • Official Beer Vendor for the Centennial Olympics

In Addition to all of that, Whitaker has provided Corporate Hospitality for:

  • Numerous Atlanta Centennial Olympics Corporate Hospitality Programs
  • The 2000 Sydney Olympics for Boileau of America
  • Numerous Masters Programs
  • The US Open
  • The PGA Championships & The PGA Tour Championship
  • Numerous Super Bowls
  • Final 4 Corporate Travel Program and Merchandise Staffing Program

Along with handling Event Management/Marketing, Sales & Sponsorships for the Delta Air Lines Holiday Basketball Classic (GA/GA Tech); the Atlanta Steeplechase, Georgia State University Basketball Team (Lefty Driessell), the Norfolk State University, Group Ticket Sales for Pace Motorsports/Supercross, Sugar Bowl Parade and Gala, NCAA Final 4 Merchandising, “Lefty’s” Golf Classic, Official Beer Vendor for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.

Some Of His Legendary Accomplishments Are:

  • Consulting with the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns (NFL) for their stadium startups.
  • Successfully directed fourth consecutive facility project from startup or reorganization through an efficient operational phase (Georgia Dome).
  • Elected Chairperson, Stadiums Committee, & Board Member – IAVM.
  • Directed a dynamic facility-restructuring project at The Bayfront Center, which involved a transformation of City Management to Private Management and overseeing a $100 million renovation and development of initial foundation and sponsorships for event series.
  • Hired by Attorney Johnny Cochran in 2000 as one of 4 expert witnesses in a successful lawsuit involving the Venue and Events Industry.
  • Selected by Capital University as “Alumni of the Year,” 2003.
  • Contracted to create and manage an incentive travel event of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. This 3-million-dollar event consisted of 4 separate waves of 60 people. Charter flights, private hotels, ticket/event selection, Food and beverage/ meals, ground transportation, amenity packages, and trip coordination/direction were all part of this successful event. The productive partnership with the US Virgin Islands allowed us to be an Official Olympic Entity of the Olympic Games.
  • As Event Producer and Director, created and developed “Lefty’s” Golf Classic, a profitable celebrity golf tournament for Georgia State University Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Coach “Lefty” Driesell.
  • Created and implemented marketing strategy for Georgia State University Men’s Basketball Program. Since inception, season ticket sales increased 500%, efforts produced $300,000 worth of advertising and marketing coverage, and corporate sponsorships collected $300,000 (cash and value-in-kind).
  • Directed organization and logistics of Delta Air Lines Classic for Kids (basketball tournament held at the Georgia Dome); Also was named Executive Director for the event.
  • Designed and fulfilled box holder sales and catering programs for the Atlanta Steeplechase. This is the first time that this private, not-for-profit organization has hired an outside marketing consultant to assist with their marketing and management.
  • Directed all startup activities at the $400 million Georgia Dome, the world’s largest cable-supported dome stadium. Leading staff through the first season of events, which exceeded all expectations.
  • Selected Director at Large, Stadiums Committee & Board of Directors – IAVM
  • Directed and supervised event operations for Super Bowl XX at the Louisiana Superdome and Super Bowl XXVII at the Georgia Dome.
  • Coordinated the largest indoor concert ever held in the United States, at the Louisiana Superdome, during the 1981 Rolling Stones Concert, which attracted 87,500 people.
  • Regularly wrote articles for the Facility Manager Magazine.
  • Designed stadium standard operating procedures for the New Orleans Breakers (USFL) administrative staff for their introductory season at the Superdome in 1984; conducted instructional meetings and acted as liaison between the Superdome’s and Breaker’s staff.
  • He directed management reorganization for Macon, Georgia’s Public Assembly Venues, leading to the only two years of operating profits in its 20-year history. Developed RFP for the renovation of the 20-year-old Macon Coliseum, construction of the convention center, and complex renaming.
  • Featured in Performance Magazine in its promising critique of the Macon Centroplex Organized venue operations of the 48th-52nd editions of the Sugar Bowl.
  • Directed internal operations for the New Orleans Saints home football games and the Atlanta Falcons home football games.
  • Coordinated facility operations for the 1982 NCAA Basketball Final Four held at Superdome, including preparations for the four teams, NCAA, CBS TV, and over 500 media. The 62,000 people attending this event comprised a record crowd for a basketball game in the United States. First-ever Final 4 to be held in a Domed Stadium.
  • In Managing the Leisure Facility Magazine, the article described the planning and coordination of activities before and during the Rolling Stones Superdome performance.

For years Bart Whitaker’s “Expert Witness Expertise” has helped over 30 legal firms win lawsuits beginning with his first case with Johnny Cochran in 2000 through successful cases in 2021; he is still undefeated. Some of these accomplishments include:

  • Disney Word – Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Edward Jones Dome – Personal Injury/Standard Operating Procedures
  • NY Yankees – Personal Injury/Event Set-Up
  • Durham Bulls – Crowd Management SOP’s
  • Saturn/GM – Event Set-Up
  • Darlington Raceway – Event Set-Up
  • University Of South Carolina – Security/Crowd Management
  • San Diego Chargers – CA Fire Insurance Claim Dispute
  • Philadelphia Eagled – Business SOP’s
  • Omaha Royals/Rosenblatt Stadium– Facility Set-Up
  • Yigo, Guam, Amusement Park – Security/Felony Assault/Crowd Management
  • New Orleans Pelicans – Personal Injury
  • Ringling Brothers Circus – Performers Injuries/Equipment Rigging
  • Smoothie King Center – Construction/Engineer Complaint & NBA Game Incident

To learn more about Bart Whitaker’s expertise in Venue Management, Event Management, Crowd Management, Startups/Re-Organization, and Expert Witnessing or read his complete Biography, go to If you would like to hire Bart for your next event, call 504-217-0072. Or email