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I have helped over 25 Law Firms Win Lawsuits. From my first case with Johnny Cochran in 2000 through four cases in 2020, From the Superdome and the Georgia Dome to Super Bowls and NCAA Final 4's.

Bart Whitaker - Expert Witness

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About Bart

Bart Whitaker is one of the most well-rounded Venue and Event Professionals in the United States.

From the Superdome and the Georgia Dome to the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final 4, the Rolling Stones Attendance Record Setting Concert, And the Olympics – he has been involved in the Big Ones.

In addition to those iconic venues, Bart has also managed two beautiful theaters. One, a vintage (circa 1925) Macon Auditorium and the State-of-the-Art, Duke Energy – Mahaffey Theater and Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.

As an entrepreneur, he added Sports/Entertainment Travel, Corporate Hospitality, Sponsorships/Fundraising, and Sports Marketing to his list of skills.

This Management Experience has given Bart the valued knowledge of Leadership, Organization, and Communications. Stand-out abilities in Crowd Management/Security, Customer Services, Quality Control, Grand Openings, Start-ups, Reorganizations, and Public Speaking make him an asset.

Having seen events as a Venue Manager, Event Manager, Promoter, Sponsor, Contractor, Consultant, and as a Patron gives you a One Stop Shop for all things Venue/Event and which has led to an outstanding Career in Expert Witnessing.

Theft of Intellectual Property

Security/Crowd Management

Security/Crowd Management

Personal Injury/Event Setup

Crowd Management Standard Operating Procedures

Event Set Up

Performer Injuries/Equipment Rigging

Event Set Up

California Fire Claim Insurance Claim Dispute

Business Standard Operating Ideas

Security/Felony/Crowd Management

Personal Injury

Construction / Engineering Complaint & NBA Game Incident / Personal Injury / Negligence

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