Expert Witness Cases

Success Strategist

I have helped over 25 Law Firms Win Lawsuits. From my first case with Johnny Cochran in 2000 through four cases in 2020, From the Superdome and the Georgia Dome to Super Bowls and NCAA Final 4’s.

Theft of Intellectual Property
Personal Injury/Standard Operating Procedures
Personal Injury/Event Set up
Crowd Management Standard Operating Procedures
Event Set up
Event Setup
Performer Injuries/Equipment Rigging
Security/Crowd Management
California Fire Insurance Claim Dispute
Business Standard Operating Procedures
Security/Felony Assault/Crowd Management
Personal Injury
Construction/Engineering Complaint & NBA Game Incident/Personal Injury/Negligence

Venue Management

Observe & Analyze Venue Environment

Event Management

Observe & Analyze Event Environment


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Bart Whitaker

Venue-Event Project Director/Expert Witness